Benefits of Vacationing in a Timeshare During the Off-Season

Often the biggest expense of most vacations are accommodations, sometimes more than airfare. But, if you can travel during the off-season, you can take advantage of the lower costs and more availability of locations. For example, thanks to many school districts who schedule school vacation time during off-seasons, it’s easier for families with children to take a vacation break at the same time the kids are off. And it’s also a perfect time to find less expensive timeshare opportunities and price reductions in both accommodations and popular attractions.

Some of the top timeshare resorts in the states, and other countries, drop their rates during off seasons and so do airlines. Off-season is November-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and June-August in the Southern Hemisphere. This is your time to take advantage of lower airfare rates, more choices of accommodations, and a vacation with all the rewards of more popular times of the year, but without the crowds.

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