You’ve made your choice of a timeshare in a great location and booked the property. Your family is excited to go. Now what? We’ve got some ideas to make this timeshare vacation the best ever. These 10 tips will ensure your family has the vacation of their lifetime:

  1. You’ve already achieved the first tip by planning and booking your vacation early. This way you’ve got the dates and destination your family wants.
  2. Since you’re already so good at this, you’ve probably researched, and found the highlights and activities of the area that you are interested in. Area attractions are popular, and many places will allow you to book the activities before you arrive.
  3. What to pack is pretty simple, for instance if it’s Hawaii, pack light. You might think just a bathing suit, but weather conditions can change rapidly so consider bringing outer wear to protect you from rain and wind, and hats for extreme sun. A casual outfit for dining out at a restaurant would be good on your list, as well shorts, T’s, sandals, hiking boots, running and/or tennis shoes.
  4. When you stay in a timeshare, your vacation home will be fully stocked with dishes, appliances, washers, and dryers for your clothes, towels, bedding, etc. Most even provide dish washing soap and detergent for the washing machine.
  5. If you’ve not been to the area before, we suggest finding a comprehensive guidebook of the area and studying it to find the activities most important to you. Guidebooks usually have great maps for driving to attractions.
  6. Make sure you explore your timeshare and the surrounding area. You may find some hidden treasures that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.
  7. Timeshares offer a wide range of amenities. Pools, game rooms, fitness centers, restaurants, and gift shops. Kid’s clubs are at many time shares if mom and dad need a break.
  8. Always come to your destination with an open mind. There are things to learn about in all areas. Embrace the area, make it your own.
  9. Treat your timeshare as you do your own home. Which means keep it clean and undamaged.
  10. If possible, get to know your neighbors even if they are not always on the same schedule as your family. It’s always nice to know someone you can count on in case of an emergency. And lastly, enjoy every minute of this adventure you have embarked upon.