Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Global Exchange Vacation Club “GEVC”?

GEVC is one of the most versatile and flexible vacation ownership products in the industry and was created by a national developer with over 35 years of vacation ownership experience. GEVC entered into a strategic alliance with RCI Points to offer you choices in affordable luxury global vacations. GEVC gives you the opportunity to enjoy the travel and vacation getaways of your dreams.

How do I take a tour?

If you would like to explore the opportunities GEVC provides, give us a call so we can arrange an appointment time to preview our state of the art system. There are a limited amount of seats available so make sure to call sooner than later.

We look forward to seeing you!

Call Now to reserve your spot: (888)-259-4925

With GEVC Powered by RCI Points, is it just a membership (like at a Country Club) or do I really own something?

As a Member of GEVC, the Membership and Points you purchase are backed by Real Estate acquired for the Club, with a policy of Title Insurance from Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Your Membership is in perpetuity.

What are Vacation Clubs?

Our Vacation Club membership provides our Members with greater flexibility. Unlike traditional timeshares that often provide a deed of ownership to one resort, our vacation club offers our members a choice in customizing the length of vacation time, size of accommodations and when or where they wish to travel each year.

How is GEVC Powered by RCI Points different from any other timeshare programs?

With our state of the art access program, we provide our Global Exchange Vacation Club members with more flexibility and choices in travel for global vacations. With our vacation club membership, we provide you with unlimited access to affordable luxury accommodations all over the world.

When can I use my membership?

Based on your date of purchase, you are assigned a date at which time your membership will be activated. As a member you can look forward to luxury vacation experiences every year.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are blackout dates and other exclusions regarding the premiums or gifts that are given for attending a presentation. There are no blackout dates or exclusions for timeshare owners.