Have your heart set on a timeshare? Wonderful! A timeshare can be a

Commitment that enables you and your family members to take a carefree vacation every year. Work with the right timeshare company, and you’ll have years of memorable family, friends, and couples’ vacations.

Our CEO, Rick Sargent, a 44-year veteran of the timeshare industry, created the unique Global Exchange Vacation Club (GEVC). Based upon a high level of inventory and great experiences, he partnered with the successful global timeshare company, RCI. Rick knew he could satisfy what many owners wanted: more amenities, quality inventory, low maintenance, adequate space, and multi-location vacations. Plus, the ability to experience luxury resorts with concierge, spas, a multitude of activities, top restaurants and more.

Choose the right exchange company

The best timeshare companies have adopted a points-based system that allows owners more flexibility in their choices. Consistently, Disney, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Marriott, and Wyndham are recommended. With RCI as your exchange company, you’ll have the ability to maximize your

exchange opportunities from many properties all over the United States, Europe, Mexico, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada, and Australia. Imagine the experiences open to you and your family.

Maximize Your Exchange Options

GEVC used the innovative Vacation Club concept from the beginning and remains in the forefront today. Members pay an initial fee and nominal

annual dues that give access to luxury accommodations. Unlike traditional timeshares that often provide a deed of ownership to one resort, GEVC

powered by RCI offers choices through points. There is no deed of ownership at only one resort. GEVC together with RCI is all about flexibility and variety. Members have access to:

·      High quality accommodations

·      Savings on travel costs

·      Flexibility to travel to their favorite destinations

·      The chance to visit different countries of the world

·      All the benefits of a second home without the work

·      Enjoy more space for family and friends. Choose the size and number of bedrooms, or if needed, select multiple units for family vacations.

Potential Risks and Challenges of Exchanging Your Timeshare

If you buy a “deeded” timeshare, you are buying real property. You can give it away, will it to your heirs, rent it, or sell it. Today, not all timeshares are sold with deeds. You will need to look carefully at the contract you are offered and be sure you agree to the terms. Many timeshare companies are transparent in their offerings, but just like any valuable purchase, know the company and understand what they are selling.

Ability to exchange

As a GEVC member you can book vacations, cruises, and timeshare accommodations through RCI. Always book as early as possible to guarantee your spot. RCI is a leader in exchange with many top resorts in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe to choose from. GEVC and RCI have a longtime partnership that enables them to work successfully together to make your timeshare vacation lots of fun!